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  • Experience a Private Wine Tasting Event with the Winemaker at Charles Usher Wines

    At Charles Usher your 2 hour wine experience is guided by the winemaker himself who is also the owner. He selects 6 premium wines for you to taste alongside a generous spread of gourmet food accompaniments.

    Together the winemaker and his wife provide the varietal’s backgrounds, flavor profiles and sensory aspects. They will also teach you how to taste like a pro and arm you with information to woo your wine snob friends.

    Together they take you on a stroll though our crush pad area and the vineyard where you will learn the aspects of what it takes to make good wine; from vine management, grape cluster selection, crush process, fermentation and the aging process. This is all done on site as well as the bottling, corking, labeling and capsuling. We are a premium small lot winery that produces 700 cases of wine per year. Aside from our estate grown grapes we also procure grapes from other California appellations where the climate is best suited to the varietal so we can offer you a broader select.

    From our vineyard, the winemaker will take you to our onsite wine cellars where you can enjoy 2-3 barrel tastings. Here you will learn some of the secrets for wine flavor enhancement using different types of oak barrels, yeasts and tannins. The winemaker will return you back to the wine tasting area to taste the rest of our premium wines and to enjoy the rest of the gourmet food accompaniments.

    Fee: $75 per person with a 6 person minimum. Advance Reservations required. Credit Card Deposit required one week in advance. (Master Card, Visa, or AMX).

    Sample Gourmet Food Accompaniments:

    • Assorted Artisan cheeses
      Assorted Chacuterie platter
      Assorted Chacuterie platter
      Antipasto and relish tray –Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Assorted Olives and Pickles
      Variety of Gourmet Breads and Crackers
      Strawberries and Truffles
      Sparkling and Spring Water

    Current Wine Offerings:

    • Whites
      Sauvignon Blanc
    • Reds
      Cabernet Sauvignon
      Petit Verdot

    Additionally blends from above varietals

    • Seven is Heaven
      Fusion 8